The Project:
We challenged ourselves to find a new way to connect Kylian Mbappé to a young audience and make him not just a guy from an ad, but a friend, coach, and personal motivator. Together with Mbappé & Meta, we created a mini digital version of the footballer that kids could talk to and train with. All through an Instagram DM experience.

Recognition:  Webbys, FWA, One Show

Creative / Art Director
via Wieden+Kennedy.

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Epic movie poster-esque OOH & branding went up in Paris/London/

Followed by playful films sent via DMs to encourage sports at home:

Static scenes to keep kids moving day after day.

Film Director: Will Studd
Creative Directors: Craig Williams, Evgeny Primachenko, Jake Barnes, Riccardo Rachello
Copywriters: Ane Santiago  /  Designers: Shen Hou, Lewis Beedham  /  Motion: Jacson Mitchell