40 years after winning the Boston Marathon, gold medalist Joan Benoit Samuelson is still running after those same crazy dreams. This film aired on television and social while Joan ran the 2019 Boston Marathon.Ā 
Role: Art Director,Ā Creative
Agency: Wieden+KennedyĀ 
Then we created a throwback poster inspired by the 1970'sĀ "THERE IS NO FINISH LINE"Ā NikeĀ campaign. The poster was distributedĀ at theĀ Boston Marathon and displayed on aĀ billboard in NYC. The NikeĀ logo nodded to the past with "Beaverton, Oregon" besideĀ the swoosh.
Director: Emily Maye
Creative Director: Alberto Ponte, Ryan Oā€™Rourke
Copywriter: Kevin Steele