Whether you’ve got an inner Goth who is dying to come out, a flair for the fishtail, or a deep dark desire to Dad, the Sims gives you the opportunity to discover every wild and crazy (or surprisingly mundane) side of you. Without the freaked-out parents or confused AF bestie. So before you commit to who you want to be IRL, why not explore all of your options, in the Sims?

Creative / art director, 
via Electronic Arts.

 We created a phone number and voicemail activation inspired by the 90s cult classic Dream Phone game that encouraged folks who passed by our OOH—as well as visitors to our microsite—to dial in and pick an extension to reach the voicemail of the Bretman of their choice.
Creatives: Jonathan Richardson, Katrina Michie, Rachel Crowley
Director: Elizabeth Orne | CD: Laurel Stark | Design: James Aloysius​​​​​​​, Mary Rauzi