"White Gemini" is a music video for NY-based techno artist, Beshken. The song uses samples from Nasa’s 1965 Project Gemini, where Ed White made history as the first American astronaut to float in space. Two years later, in 1967, White lost his life to a takeoff test for his next mission. The music video is an abstract visualization of White’s ghost here on earth. In the film, White's ghost draws Gemini symbols to establish his existence on earth. 

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Creative / Director / Producer 

White Gemini album art by Jesse Fillingham:
Director: Jack Welles
Cinematographer: Taylor Mcintosh
Producers: Alec Battistoni, Lizzy Harris
Editors: Camilla Hayman, Chiao Chen, Zoe Schrepel
Post Producer: Manny Muñoz
Colorist: Mikey Pehanich
VXF Artist: Aidan Jung
VFX Supervisor: Leif Peterson 
VFX Producer: Alex Thiesen
Drone Operator: Quentin van den Bossche
Designer: Kimberly Tho
Pre-Production Support: W+K Studios
Production Support: Valiant Pictures